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From Kindergarten To College

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ATARI Computer Educational Software Directory

The ATARI Computer Educational Software Directory, is a 48-page catalog of both Atari and non-Atari educational software products. This catalog has a print date of January 1983 as denoted on the bottom of page 48.

At the beginning of the catalog it states:
How to use this Directory: The ATARI Computer Educational Software Directory is divided into the categories shown in the Table of Contents. Each product is followed by the name of the company which produces or distributes the product. In the back of the directory, you will find the addresses and phone numbers for contacting these companies. Atari, Inc. distributes only those products marked "Atari, Inc." or "ATARI Program Exchange." 
This catalogs contains sections on Art And Music, Business, Computer Science, Courseware Authoring And Classroom Management, Foreign Languages, Language Arts, Mathematics, Religion, Science, Social Studies And History, Miscellaneous, an extensive Index, and finally, a Company Listings section.

The catalog lists hundreds of educational software titles from the following companies:
  • Atari, Inc.
  • ATARI Program Exchange
  • Basics and Beyond, Inc.
  • Compumax, Inc.
  • Compu-Tations, Inc.
  • Computer Assisted Instruction, Inc.
  • Control Data Corporation
  • Dorsett Educational Systems
  • DYNACOMP, Inc.
  • Educational Activities, Inc.
  • Educational Software
  • Edupro
  • Edu-Soft
  • Edu-Ware Services, Inc.
  • Encyclopedia Britannica Educational Corp.
  • High Technology Software Products, Inc,
  • Home-Computer Software Company
  • Institute for Computers in Jewish Life
  • Jadee Enterprises
  • JMH Software of Minnesota, Inc.
  • Johnson Software
  • Krell Software
  • Lighting Software, Inc.
  • Micro School Programs Bertamax, Inc.
  • MICRO-ED, Inc.
  • Milliken Publishing Co.
  • MECC Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium
  • Optimized Systems Software, Inc.
  • Phoenix Software, Inc.
  • Program Design, Inc.
  • Random House Inc.
  • Reader's Digest Services, Inc.
  • School CourseWare Journal
  • SRA Science Research Associates
  • Spinnaker Software
  • Sterling Swift Publishing Co.
  • Sunburst Communications
  • Tamarac Software
  • Teaching Tools: Microcomputer Services
  • T.H.E.S.I.S.

The back of the catalog has an ad for the then upcoming release of ATARI Logo.

ATARI Computer Educational Software Directory
Back Cover

I've scanned and uploaded the complete catalog to

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